For Couple-To-Be: 7 Things People Realize Once They Enter Into Marraige


Here are seven things most married person realized once they enter into marriage.

Love changes

Maybe a change for the better, or for worse, but surely there’s going to be a change in the love you have for your spouse as you spend more years in that marriage.

Hopefully, the love grows and not lessen.

The little things matter as much as the big ones

Sounds familiar? Of course it does, because it’s so true.

The little things you do for your partner are just as important as the ‘great’ acts of love you do.

Actually in some cases, the little things are more important than the great ones.

With the good comes the bad

Times do not always last forever, and life itself is not always a bed of roses.

Appreciate the good times and stick by your spouse through the bad, because almost all the times, marriages go through these phases.

You need to go on dates

Dating doesn’t stop when you get married.

You know what really matters

For the marriages that will stand the test of time, along the line, the spouses get to know the things that hold weight in the heart of the other.

They understand each other more, and realise what to put emphasis and preference on.

The sex gets better

It might not be as frequent as when you first got hitched, but then, it gets a lot better and really, that’s all that’s going to matter in the end.

Saying thank you and I’m sorry remains potent

Remembering to always thank you for the efforts your spouse makes remains a great thing, as well as learning to defuse tense situations by giving timely apologies are two great tools to ensuring the longevity of your marriage.

Every successful marriage is built, and still stands on this.


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