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For Couples: 3 Things That Will Protect Your Relationship Against Political Crisis


Politics is one game that can turn a gentleman to a complete thug. If played dirty, it is gambled at the detriment of cultures, religious beliefs, tribes, ethnicity among other factors.


When in relationship with someone of an opposing political view, it is only sane not to let something as petty as that end your relationship.

Most times our views are grounded by our background, religion and tribe, be sure you understand where that opinion is coming from before you vent.

1. Listen.

Political matters are most times very emotional. Be sure you reprocess every word in your mind before saying them. State your points without being sentimental. Try to understand their reasons

2. Do not argue to win, argue to understand.

It is okay to make your view known to your partner, what you should never do is start a fight over a political matter. Share your experiences.

3. Keep your emotions in check.

Do not go overly emotional about political matters, especially if it is a winning strategy used by politicians to get what they want.


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