Cure For Zika Virus Reportedly Discovered By Ben Amodu, A Nigerian Pharmacist

At the 4th annual clinical trial summit held in Abuja, themed: “Clinical research and public health emergen­cy in sub-Saharan Africa”, a Nigerian pharmacist, leading African herbal farmer and researcher, Ben Amodu, who reportedly discovered cures for Zika Virus and Denge diseases, has presented the herbal drugs to the Federal Gov­ernment.
Amodu who presented the herbal drugs through the Minister of Science and technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, explained that the CD8 of a number of pa­tients administered with the herbal drugs increased from 608 to 778 and 1,419 to 2,419. “This shows that it has strong activity against Ebola works,” he stated.
While profiling the clinical lit­erature of the medicine, the expert disclosed that the ef­ficacy of the drug’s preven­tion and cure of Dengue, Ebola and Zika viruses, have shown remarkable respons­es in animal experiments, adding that the products have been sent to Singapore for further test at a p4 labo­ratory which is not available in the country.
While responding to the presentation at the event, the minister, Ogbonnaya Onu condemned Nigeria’s continued importation of herbal drugs when it had unexploited rich biodiver­sity.
He noted that with the current state of the econo­my, the country could ben­efit a lot from the herbal industry, which generates about $100 billion yearly worldwide.
“I am very disturbed that Nigerian imports all forms of herbal products from dif­ferent parts of the world: if we exploit our rich biodiver­sity properly we can meet our demands and those of others in the world,” he added.

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