Daddy Freeze Responds To Bovi’s Shade In The Most Spiting Way Possible


freeze and elsiee

Now this is just savage mehn! Y’all know how no one can shade Daddy Freeze and go scot free, his reprisal attack is just gonna be as brutal as he can possibly make it to be.

Yesterday, comedian Bovi, threw a subtle shade at the OAP – the same yesterday, the OAP replied to the shade but spited the comedian’s best friend and colleague,Basketmouth.

In a photo he has since deleted, he could be seen pecking Basketmouth’s wife, Elsie, back in the days when he was still dating her before Basketmouth picked up the OAP’s vomit and made it into one heck of a fine dish… (Pardon my metaphor)

The OAP shared the photo with the caption:

#ThrowBackThursday #TBT#WaaaayBack #GoodPeople#FamilyFriends #BackInTheDay#MissMyOldFriends!
I had lots of hair before I started#balding! Lol!
Someone said I looked like#LuciousLyon”


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