Why It Is Dangerous For a Muslim To Marry Only One Wife – Islamic Scholar

Well known for his tough lectures, popular Islamic scholar and preacher, Sheik Muyideen Bello is at it again.

Bello has said a Muslim man will be doing himself more harm by marrying just one wife, but instead he will advise such a man to start with two. He made this known in one of his lectures titled Legal Marriage.

He said: “Allah said a man should marry any kind of woman he likes. As a man, if you want to marry a fair-complexioned or dark woman, marry her. Allah said we should start from two women. I know women will not like to hear this. If you have to marry, start with two women, which is what the Quran says. The Yorubas have a saying that a man with one woman isn’t a real man. For instance if you are married to one wife and she over-salts your food, you have just one wife. You don’t have a choice than to eat the food or buy food outside.

“I have received so many messages from people that why should I encourage polygamy. I tell them, is it me encouraging polygamy? Allah said you should marry two, three, four. Allah said if as a man you know you can’t take care of them, then marry one. Then if you are a me and my wife kind of man, the implications are too many. As Muslims, four women is the maximum a man can have, have two living with you then if you have two houses outside, you put the other two there. The implications in marrying just one wife are too many.”


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