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5 important things you can be covered for with a quality travel insurance

Do you always think of travel insurance when planning for a long trip or family vacation? Chances are that you do not, or you are only forced to take it out even when you rarely believe in its protection. So travel insurance coverage is the last thing on the minds of many people while planning for a trip abroad or even a vacation in the next state.


While travel insurance is not compulsory for anyone, it is advisable because you just don’t know what might happen out there…things unforeseen and unanticipated. Generally speaking, travel insurance package plans cover cruises, vacations and general travel, family trips, domestic and foreign travels, and loss of money due to cancelled trips. Here then are the five important things you can be covered for with a quality travel insurance:

i. Travel medical insurance

A medical travel insurance provides you protection for your health in case you fall ill in another state or outside your home country. It often provides coverage for medical emergencies, accidents, emergency evacuations, and even repatriations. This type of travel insurance plan is suitable for people travelling abroad, foreigners living in a foreign country, students studying or working abroad, family vacations, and business trips abroad.


ii. Medical evacuation plans

If you happen to fall ill or involved in an accident with no proper medical facilities where you are, you can be evacuated with an helicopter or chartered plane back home to your home country where adequate medical facilities are on ground to cater to your medical needs. Medical evacuation or Medevac insurance is good if you’d ever need emergency medical evacuation through any means from a foreign trip abroad.

iii. Travel accident insurance

Travel accident insurance plan provides you with adequate protection when you are involved in an accident abroad or anywhere far away from your home base. This type of insurance plan covers for accidental injuries, death, and dismemberment, and may even transmute to term life insurance benefits depending on the actual plan and the insurance company.


iv. Annual travel insurance

Annual travel insurance plan is suitable for frequent travelers, business travelers, and anyone who travels for multiple trips per month or for a number of times in any given year. It is also ideal for traveling academics, business travelers, itinerant preachers, and anyone who could travel at a moment notice without much plans. This type of plan covers you for a whole year if you happen to make any trip within the given year and involved in a medical issue during this time.

v. Specialty travel insurance

If you have any reasons to fear for your life where you are going, then you might take out a specialty travel insurance plan. This will protect you against any fatal eventuality like civil crises or political violence where you are going. This travel plan is ideal for corporate kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage, car rental collision and road trip coverage in a foreign land, medical tourism coverage, term life insurance coverage, and for any particular traveler facing any specific travel risk at his destinations


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