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Do’s And Don’t Of Wearing Those Gorgeous Leggings

We all love to wear leggings because they are seriously versatile but research has shown that majority of us wear it all wrong.


When wearing leggings, watch out for these do’s and don’ts of our new favourite piece of clothing.

Legging-BanNEVER wear leggings that are too short:leggings are meant to elongate your legs. The shorter your leggings the more it cuts you off and makes you appear short. Except you are going to the gym never wear short leggings.


panty-line2-495x450ALWAYS wear light underwear: when wearing leggings, wear very light underwear go for seamless panties or G-strings.

NEVER wear graphic/colourful patterns/wrong colours: These are very unflattering, most of them give you a slutty look.

wrong-leggingsNEVER wear too tight/see through materials: the more a leggings stretch the lighter it becomes and when a leggings is too tight it begin to stretch and automatically becomes lighter.

NEVER wear short tops: I repeat never ever wear a short top on your leggings. You know the top is not right when you or people can see your V-line. So please don’t try wearing it.

Tonto-DikeNEVER tuck in while wearing a leggings, common that’s absurd.

ALWAYS wear long shirts: long shirts look sexy and matured on leggings, do not wear crop tops it will never flatter your body.

ALWAYS wear less unflattering colours and rather than the awkwardly skinny leggings, wear a pleather instead.

NEVER expose your butt, whatever you do, or wear anything short on your leggings, it is just plain wrong. When your V line starts to show, your pants are wrong.

ALWAYS keep in mind the length of your leggings.

ALWAYS wear long sweaters on leggings because it gives you an amazing modern-day retro look.

ALWAYS pick your shoes carefully. The preferred foot wear for leggings any day are boots and pointy toe pumps. Let your pump be a couple of inches high and you will see how amazing you will look.

ALWAYS wear something longer on top. If you are wearing a short tank top, wear a long blazer to cover your butt. Boyfriend jackets are always gorgeous.

Matching leggings along the lines of these do’s and don’ts will help you to wear them well and in a sexy way. Please feel free to add your own comments too.


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