Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing A Mini Dress

Summer-font-b-Dress-b-font-2015-Zipper-Back-font-b-Women-b-font-Sexy-fontMini dresses can have a bad reputation for being too revealing if worn improperly. The mini dress is an ultimate classic that can make a woman look casual, chic, sexy, elegant depending on how the mini dress is worn. Most women should wear them carefully, choose a dress that suits their figure, and then choose the right make-up and accessories to complement the style.

The do’s and don’ts of wearing a mini dress can vary depending on where the dress is being worn. For example, wearing a mini dress to a work party is a great deal different from wearing a mini dress on a date or to a club. For this, most women should use common sense and dress appropriately. These do’s and don’ts are intended to help women choose figure-conscious, classy, and beautiful styles to complement any type of figure.

Wear a mini dress with the right shoes: Shoes can make or break an outfit with a mini dress. Shoes can have a heel or not depending on the day and style of the dress. Remember when wearing heels that it makes anything short shorter, so combination of heels and mini dress during the daytime will be hard.

Flats: Flats are very easy to pair with a mini dress, depending on the style of the dress. Try matching the style of the shoes with the style of the dress and remember that while it is easy to wear dressier shoes with a casual dress, the other way around is usually a mistake.

Be comfortable with your body: Mini dresses are revealing and the most flattering way to wear one is to be comfortable, do not spend the whole time pulling the dress down because it is not flattering. If you are self-conscious about the amount of leg you are showing can then consider wearing tights or leggings. Many women who are not athletic or toned choose to wear shape-wear under a stretchy dress because it prevents the dress from outlining any specific problem area.

Do find a flattering cut: The cut of a mini dress can be the difference between it being flattering and ugly because every woman has a different figure. For most women, choosing a flattering dress is about accenting the waist and creating a waist-to-hip definition, women who are larger on the top should avoid styles that accent the top, and women who are larger on the bottom should usually avoid anything that is not fitted on the top.

Don’t wear a too tight mini dress: While a tight dress is fine, it is always a good idea not to wear a dress too tight. A mini dress is already short and showing off a lot of leg which means that it is already sexy, if the dress shows off belly or the person wearing it looks like she can barely move, the look is far from flattering. Usually, it is a great idea to purchase a dress based on personal measurements rather than size as many dresses are sized differently from shirts and bottoms.

Choose an appropriate length: Mini can mean a lot of things because the taller the woman, the shorter the dress is on her. Tall women should choose styles that are mid-thigh to almost to the knee, especially if they intend to wear high heels with the dress. Shorter women can get away with a much shorter dress in order to add to their length. However, it is important to check the dress before going out to ensure that it offers full coverage and that it does not ride up too high when sitting down.

Don’t show much skin: while it can be tempting to purchase a low-cut mini dress, the look is rarely flattering except for at clubs, most women find that they are most flattered by not showing off cleavage with a mini dress. However, it is perfectly fine to show off shoulders and arms because these offer a lot of balance and can look very nice with a mini dress.

Don’t overdo: It is always a good idea to remember not to overdo it, if the event is very formal then overdoing it is perfectly fine of course, but for a party or casual wear, the idea is to keep it simple and let the dress do the talking. If the dress is simple, pair it with a statement necklace or belt, or elegant shoes. If the dress is glamorous, let it be the centre of attention and keep accessories to a minimum.

A mini is a wardrobe staple for many women and an instant classic look if worn correctly, the trick is to purchase a style of dress that suits the body shape and type and then choose a dress style that is flattering rather than overly revealing. Most of the things to avoid when wearing a mini dress include revealing too much, showing too much skin or wearing a dress too tight can look trashy because of the length of the dress. Be careful when buying a mini dress and pair the dress with a nice pair of shoes and perhaps leggings or tights, everyone can create a classy and flattering look.


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