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How To Easily Detangle Your Weave

bigstock-A-beautiful-african-american-w-25927601_largeDo you have problem with your weaves tangling every now and then? Are you tired of struggling with detangling them? Here are simple tips on how to take care of your weaves tangling.

At night-time, and before washing your weaves, carefully remove any tangles and gently brush through your weave with a special looper brush with looped bristles designed to glide through hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces.comb


Clipboard01Always take off your weave before washing it. Wash your weave with a very good shampoo, lather your weave gently and work the shampoo down the hair. Rinse and blot hair gently.

Apply Leave-in-Conditioner daily and after shampooing. Detangle hair gently using a wide-tooth comb. It’s always best to let weaves air-dry. If you are using a dryer, set it on low heat and speed.tan

To avoid your weave tangling while you sleep, wrap it with a satin scarf or use a satin sleep cap or a satin pillow case to prevent friction.


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