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Easy Ways To Stop Those BAD Smells During Your Period

ppMenstrual odour is usually mild and not detectable by those around you. Still, occasionally it may be strong enough to become problematic, and you need to take steps to eliminate it. If no infection is present, this means just a few simple changes in your menstrual routine. If infection is present, your doctor can help you clear up the infection and the odour.

Get acquainted with your natural smell: It’s not normal to have strong menstrual period odour, but it’s also not normal to have zero odour. When blood comes in contact with air, it takes on its own scent. This scent is usually mild enough that others can’t smell it through your clothes, but you’ll be able to smell it when you use the bathroom or change your clothes. Your own menstrual scent is normal and you shouldn’t aim to have a completely scent-free period.

Take a bath or shower: Even if you’ve already bathed that day, take a bath or shower again. It could just be that some menstrual fluid is hanging around due to a heavy or thick flow. Wash thoroughly to remove any fluid, bathe regularly to prevent future odours.

Change your pad often: You should change your pad or tampon every three to four hours. The more blood that collects in one place and comes into contact with air, the stronger your odour will be. Changing your sanitary product often prevents this problem.

Avoid scented products: Feminine sprays, scented wipes and scented pads or tampons can make menstrual odour worse. Scented products contain chemicals that irritate your va gina, which can lead to increased discharge, infections and increased vaginal odour.

Clean hands well: You should always clean your hands and be sure to wash hands well before and after using the bathroom using soap and water because vaginal odour can cling to hands so also try using an antibacterial gel or nice scented hand cream after washing your hands to get rid of all odour.

Carry an extra pair of undies: Tampons and pads both need to be changed every 4-6 hours, and menstrual cups and soft cups every 12 hours, but sometimes we forget and tampons and pads often leak, so better to be prepared. Carry spare underwear with you to change into if you need to, rather than sitting around all day in underwear soaked in menstrual flow.

Be confident: Your vagina smells, that’s right, a healthy vagina will smell musky but clean, it changes as your menstrual cycle changes but a healthy vagina should never smell bad. Many women are concerned about odour when there is really nothing to be worried about, you smell your genitals because they are literally under your nose, as long as you’re hygienic then others cannot smell you.

Get tested for va ginal infections if your odour persists or is very strong: Strong odour can be a sign of an infection like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection or trichomoniasis. These infections are easily cured with medications. Once the infection goes away, the odour goes away as well.


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