Eldee’s Gushes as his daughter Temi, wins gold medal at Karate tournament in the U.S.

Though he is still confined to a hospital bed, rapper Lanre ‘Eldee’ Dabiri could not help but share the news of his daughter Temi’s success at a karate tournament in the United States, where she won gold medal.

Eldee and his kids. Photo: Instagram

For weeks, he inundated his followers with photos of Temi training for her big day, and so it didn’t come as a surprise to many when he announced that their diligence paid.

“My baby Temi won her Karate tournament!”, the proud dad posted. “He didn’t even stand a chance!” And from the clip he posted, we see the little girl kicking ass at the competition.

Temi(in red) kicking ass at karate. Photo: Instagram

The architect turned rapper lives in the United States with his wife Dolapo and their daughters, where he runsa tech company, ‘Play Data.’

Source: Instagram


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