11 Books Nominated For The 2016 Issue of Nigeria Prize for Literature

For Literature lovers who are eager to know the award winning books for the 2016 Edition of the Nigeria Prize for Literature. Eleven books have been shortlisted for the Nigeria Prize for Literature. The award is sponsored by NLNG and the winner will go home with a grand prize of $100,000.

 The 11 books nominated includes:
  1. Daughters Who Walk This Path, by Yejide Kilanko
  2. The Fourth World, by Ifeoma Okoye
  3. Burning Bright by Maryam Awaisu
  4. The Parable of the Lost Shepherds by Mansim Chumah Okafor
  5. A Bit of Difference by Sefi Atta),
  6. Season of Crimson Blossoms by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim
  7. On the Bank of the River by Ifeoluwa Adeniyi
  8. Born On A Tuesday by Elnathan John
  9. Eniitan Daughter of Destiny by Aramide Segun
  10. Night Dancer, by 2012 winner Chika Unigwe
  11. Sorrow’s Joy, by Ogochukwu Promise

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