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Errors To Stay Away From In Relationships


life is all about relationships, you alone cant survive without someone. Relationship is a beautiful thing, it involves sharing your fears, dreams, aspiration with another person, though, it has its perks and its bad sides, but we all need love or we are all searching for love as they say. If you must date or already in a relationship, Here are 6 errors to avoid:

1. Having no life outside of your relationship

Keep friends, participate in activities you enjoy. In a nutshell, your life shouldn’t revolve around your relationship.

2. Complaining to your friends and family about your partner

Some issues are best left resolved between partners, mentioning the bad things to third parties will make everyone think he/she is a bad person.

3. Avoid emotional manipulation

When you find yourself constantly submitting to the will of your partner to ‘prove your love’, you are being emotionally manipulated.

4. Being excessively critical

It’s okay to criticize a partner, the key here is moderation and should be done in a respectful manner. Constructive criticism at theright time works best and leaves no hard feelings.

5. Making excuses for your partner

Avoid making excuses for your partner all the time; you should not have to apologize to anyone for your partner’s actions. If it’s a regular occurrence, maybe you should find a more mature partner.

6. Scared of a break up

A mistake to avoid is being afraid of letting go off a partner who is no longer interested in the relationship. You don’t want to be with a person who doesn’t love you same way as you do.



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