EXPOSED: The 7 Ways Abuja Big Boys Are Faker Than Other Nigerian Big Boys!!

Success is silent but once its loud and in your face, check it, someone is lying or exaggerating. Abuja fake big boys are all over and these signs will tell you when you should start hearing alarm bells and run for your life. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. The big boys and men are scattered over the posh areas of Abuja, so sometimes, it is hard to separate coated gold from real gold.

1. The guys accent is not from this earth


These guys have all the accents in the world. From American to British to Italian and even when they try to speak pidgin it’s Jamaican patwah and not Nigerian pidgin. If you meet a guy and he speaks like three different accents to different people just start running for your life. You might just be dealing with a fake.

2.They drive around town in flashy rides 


In attempt to look like the cream dela cream of Abuja, these guys drive around in the flashiest cars. Don’t be deceived the ride is either for their father or family member or worse, the company’s ride. Once you notice he changes cars like he changes clothes without any serious job just ditch him fast.

3. They don’t have any job

model business man

These guys are usually jack of all trades. Today he is a medical consultant, tomorrow he is an engineer and road construction worker. They are mostly called contractors. Always chasing contracts, trying to fit in a class they don’t belong.

4. They are related to politicians


Typical fake Abuja boy knows every politician there is to know. You hear them call Buhari their uncle and Kemi Adeosun their God-mother.

5. They wear designers

Dbanj and Flavour

They are the ones that dress top to bottom in designers. The saying that wealth is silent is no joke. There is a huge difference between being sophisticated and dressing to impress. Be careful.

6. First date is always expensive

Couple on date

Its all part of the con. For the first date, they take you to the a fancy place just to make you think they are all that but its all just a set up. If you like to be dined then they will easily deceive you. This is not to say fancy first dates are a no but if the second and third date are not close to the paparazi of the first, pack your load and go.

7. When in the club, he gets drinks from table but  never pays


Say he takes you out clubbing. The easiest way to spot a fake is how he “hustles” for drinks for you. You see him topping up your drink from different tables but at the end of the day, he doesn’t pay a dime. And notice how he knows everybody in the club? Fake boy alert.



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