Facebook Takes Internet Wireless Connection To The Next Level


Whether it is on the London Underground, or in a shack on the beach in Thailand, getting access to the internet is easier than ever.

However, there are still around four billion people in the world who cannot currently access it.

Facebook has now developed a way to counteract this problem, using laser technology to beam internet to remote places.

Current methods to connect to wireless networks require optical fibers and cell towers – which can be challenging to deploy in remote areas.

Instead, using lasers to carry information through the atmosphere could offer high bandwidths and data capacity as a cost-effective alternative.

The device uses fluorescent materials instead of traditional optics to collect light and concentrate it on to a small photo detector.

Because the fluorescent materials do not emit the same color they are absorbing, a brighter light can be turned around in under two nanoseconds.


Source: Rayoonline


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