Facts about Ibadan: The City at The Edge of the Savannah

Ibadan is the third largest city in Nigeria by population. Some call it Nigeria’s most developed village but it was once the largest city in the country. Ìbàdàn, which means “the city at the Edge of the Savannah” in Yoruba is home to some of the most influential people in Nigeria. Sprawling with age old historical sites and lush green vegetation spread as far as the eyes can see, the city is an epitome of modern Nigeria with glimpses of the past legacy left by Nigeria’s forefathers. One visit to this city and you will be hooked. The residents of Ibadan are some of the best people you will encounter in your travels; they are courteous and thoughtful, giving strangers a helping hand and eager smile as they show you their city. Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 Hotel Booking Portal has chosen a few of the best places to visit in Ibadan with travel tips to help you along your way.

Top 3 Hot Spots

Cocoa House

cocoa house

The Cocoa House is one of the tallest buildings in West Africa. It is a 24-storey building constructed in 1965 with the proceeds of farmers who grew cocoa, rubber, timber etc. It is the highlight of the city of Ibadan and stands tall so it can be seen from several miles away. The Cocoa House is home to several businesses and offices including the Shoprite Heritage Mall and the Cocoa Mall.




Ibadan Golf Club

ibadan golf club

Located in the Onireke Reservation Area of Ibadan, the Ibadan Golf Club offers one of Nigeria’s top five all green golf courses. Even though it is a members only club, visitors can enjoy the view from the breathtaking plains with lush greenery that provides a relaxing atmosphere perfect for a weekend escape from the vibrant city.


Agodi Park & Gardens

agodi park

Many residents can attest to the fact that Agodi Gardens is one of the most beautiful places in Ibadan and even Nigeria. It is a large area of beautiful parks, ponds and a mix of all sorts of fun games and rides. It holds the complete family fun package and promises to thrill anyone looking for excitement in Ibadan


Restaurants Small privately owned restaurants known as Bukas are a favourite among residents of Ibadan. There is always a buka or fast food restaurant around the corner serving local dishes with some offering intercontinental cuisine at an affordable price. Popular dishes include jollof rice and chicken, fried plantain and beans, Amala, Efo and Gbegiri.

Shopping The Shoprite Heritage Mall is the largest mall in Ibadan, housing Ibadan’s first state of the art cinema and offering a wide variety of stores and retail outlets to shop, eat or just relax and watch a movie. The Cocoa Mall is situated in the same vicinity at the Heritage Mall so shoppers have more options to choose from.


Hotels in Ibadan are numerous and very affordable. A decent hotel should only cost you a fraction of the same in mega cities like Lagos or Abuja. Some offer a unique feature like the Premier hotel in Ibadan providing a wide-angle view of the whole city.

Getting Around: Most commuters choose to ride by cab or taxi to their various destinations. Other means of transportation include the new luxury buses that are now commonplace as well as danfo buses.

Safety: The people of Ibadan are friendly and easy-going. It is moderately safe to walk alone at night and the city can be explored without barriers during the day.

Money: Nigerian Naira.

Main Airport: Ibadan Airport, 16km from the Central Business District

Exchange Rate: http://www.xe.com/currency/ngn-nigerian-naira

Country Code: +234

Visa Requirements: https://portal.immigration.gov.ng/pages/visaguidelines

Fun Fact

Mapo Hall

mapo hall

Mapo Hall is Ibadan’s foremost town hall. It was built in 1925 at the top of Mapo Hill to stand as a cultural and historic structure that unites the people of Ibadan. It can be seen from most parts of Ibadan and is now used as a museum and conference centre.


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