Facts You Should Know About STERILIZATION

analsexlinkeSterilization is a form of permanent contraception that prevent pregnancy. Some women choose permanent birth control because of its many benefits which include never having to worry about an unplanned pregnancy and the ability to have intercourse anytime. The option is available to both men and women.

For men the process is called vasectomy. According to research, vasectomy is a simple operation in which the tubes that carry the sp erm from the test icles to the p*nis are cut.

It is very important to note that the operation does not change a man’s ability to have intercourse. He can as well e e jaculates semen, but there are no spe rm in the semen.

Tubal litigation is the operation for woman. Here, the tube which carries the eggs to the womb is cut, clipped or tied. This method will not change a woman’s monthly bleeding or her ability to have intercourse with pleasure.

Experts explained Tubal Litigation:

Surgical sterilization requires very small cuts in the belly to access the fallopian tubes, the doctor will cut and tie them so that they can not link the ovaries with the uterus any more. The effects are permanent.

Non-surgical sterilization consists of placing a coil in each Fallopian tube through the va gina and uterus so that scars appear and eventually block each tube completely. The scars may take up to three months to completely block the tubes effectively, says experts.

Remember, the method of is intended for individual or couples who do not wish to ever have children, or already have a family with children and do not wish to ever have another pregnancy.

Secondly, It does not protect against STIs, including HIV.


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