Facts About Moustache You Probably Didn’t Know

Moustache has been rocked by men of old and men nowadays have taken up the mantle. However, many people who sport them totally have no idea how it came into being, why some men prefered to keep them, what they are capable of and so on. And because we love to inform you of everything and anything, we highlights here 11 interesting facts about moustache, everyone should know…

1. There are between 10,000 and 20,000 hairs on a man’s face and the average moustache has 600.

2. Albert Einstein sported his moustache for over 50 years.

3. An Indian man holds the record for the longest growing mustache. According to Guinness World Records, Ram Singh Chauhan has a moustache that spans 14 feet long. He has been growing it since 1982, after a friend with a 7-foot-long mustache suggested it, the Huffington Post reports.

4. The first artifact known to sport a tash dates back to 300 BC and depicts an Iranian horseman with a thick black number.

5.  Not only are men seen as more attractive with it, but facial hair might also help protect against skin cancer. This past year, a study conducted at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia found that facial hair can prevent skin cancer against 90 to 95 percent of harmful UV rays.

6.A man spends an average of five months of his life shaving if he starts at the age of 14 — assuming that he lives until he’s 75 years old.

7.During the Victorian era, noblemen used moustache spoons to protect their moustaches when eating soup. It was made with a guard on its rim that acted as a barrier between mustache and soup.

8. A lesser known fact, and even one not known by many regular card game players, is that not all the Kings in a deck of cards have moustaches. And it is the King of Hearts that is the odd one out in the pack – and the only one without a moustache.

9. Beards were dangerous in hand-to-hand combat. Alexander the Great made all his soldiers shave before the battle of Ardela, though some let their hair grow long in back, to show they had no fear of being grabbed from behind.

10.Beards have been regarded as emblems of wisdom: Philosophers were always bearded (Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Hadrian, Shakespeare). “Lose your beard,” it was said, “ and you lose your soul.”

11.In Nigeria, police officer and soldiers always wear a clean shave as it the law.

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