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When Fashion Collides With Religion And Culture (+Photos)

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Controversy sells. People are likely to be  more interested in things and ideas that throw normality out the window. This known result is why top fashion designers are creating new territory of mixing fashion with religion.  Religion is a cushion on hard ground for what some have described as a meaningless existence; Its practice has brought meaning where there might be none. So, naturally, it ignites passion when it is mentioned or displayed.


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A good fashion piece lingers on its audience mind long after the show is over. To make an impact, the piece has to invoke high level of emotions and what better way to achieve this than to literally have your audience gasping in horror. This adoption of religion with fashion has its roots deep in what Nigerians will classify as demonic art. Yes! fashion is art; an art that can define culture, rebirth long-gone genius ideas, create beauty and inspire love.


snake outfit


But of what use is this art when it triggers the darkness of ones soul? Do we call an idea genius because it is different? Throw caution to the wind when it makes mockery of a supernatural truth? and yet we must recognize the art in these expressions; they show a new realm of human intelligence, creativity- if you like.

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