Fat Men Are Nicer Than Thin Men

thin man vs fat man

Want a pay rise? If your boss is a man, chances are you’re more likely to get one if he’s on the chubbier side.

Thin men are less generous than their fatter counterparts, research suggests. And when they do part with their money, skinnier men give more to those who are also thin.

Scientists also found that being hungry affected judgement. When thinner men had lower blood sugar they were at their most stingy, while the overweight were less affected. The research could mean that straight after a meal is the best time to make a request. It may also explain why people are sometimes grumpy when they are on a diet.

German researchers from the University of Lubeck and the Max Planck Institute of Economics looked at 20 overweight men – weighing an average of 19 stone – and 20 thin subjects who were 11 stone on average.

Volunteers were asked to play a variety of games simulating economic behaviour.

The study found lean men made less fair decisions. They also offered 16 per cent less money than fatter men in games designed to measure generosity, and tended to give more to other thin people. The authors said: ‘Low blood glucose concentrations seem to favour self-interest and lack of trust.’


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