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Five Jobs You’d Never Find Anyone Doing In Nigeria

Hustling is a way of life for many Nigerians.

We have even distinguished our hustles into categories. Your Side hustle is the job you’re doing on the side in addition to your main job because the economy “get as e be”.  Main hustle is your regular 9-5 job.

But there are some jobs that Nigerians in Nigeria, not the ones in Obodo Oyibo, will never do. No matter how much we love hustling, somethings cannot just work here in Naija:

Snake Milker

This a professional who helps remove venom from poisonous snakes for research purposes.

Lol, a Naija person would tell you “what if the snake bite me?” “who wan die?”.

Image: Wired

Professional Cuddler

Much as I would love to have this type of service in Nigeria; Nigerians would misconstrue it as “ashawo” work even if you’re as professional as ICAN.

Image: Toat

Professional Sleeper

This job entails sleeping and providing data for researchers and doctors. Go and try this job, it’s your parents that will call you out and tell you to get a real job.

Image: BlackGirlsGuideToWeightLoss

Odour Testers

Odour testers are used in the scent and toothpaste industries to smell perfumes and breaths. Their jobs are invaluable.

Biko, who una wan kill with plenty smell?

Image: IndianLink

Image: IndianLink


Professional Mourners

This one job can never work in Naija. When there is free jollof rice to be had at a burial? Please!

Image: ZetaBoards

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