Five Things You’d Never See As A Nigerian

In Nigeria, there are some things one will never see.

Maybe not never, but seeing or experiencing them is so rare that one doubts the validity of one’s sense organs. As a proper Lagosian who keeps an eye out  for many strange things, I have never come across any of the following:

Male Agege Bread Hawker

Most mornings, I often run into several women selling Agege bread and butter which is delicately balanced on their heads with the aid of a pan. But never a male. A male Agege bread hawker belongs in the same realm as the unicorn. I really have to ask, “Is it a crime for a man to hawk Agege bread?”.

Five Things You'd Never See as a Nigerian

Female Obioma

The obiomas aka mobile tailors. These guys are the real MVP (Most Valuable Players) if you ask me. They bring a tailor’s shop right to your doorstep. In all my years, I have never come across a female mobile tailor.

'Obioma' art by Kathleen

Yoruba Movies without “Juju”

A Yoruba movie without Juju or diabolism is so rare that we have several years just to watch one. If you doubt this assertion, please read the storyline of any Yoruba movie.


72hours Uninterrupted Power Supply

This particular one, you don’t have to a Lagosian to experience this. If there was uninterrupted power supply, my little niece’s first sentence won’t have been “up nepa”.



Female Danfo Driver 

Danfo drivers aka Commercial bus drivers are almost always male. So far, I have some across only one female danfo driver and she doesn’t even drive the danfo on the regular.



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