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Four Relationship Mistakes Every Girl Makes

A relationship is something that you should bring you happiness, companionship and provide succor in your times of trouble. It may sound like I just described what you wish you had.

Ladies, do you know that we’re sometimes the architects of our misery and relationship woes? Before you “yab” and call me”oversabi”, take a look at some of the common relationship mistakes we make:

1. Not Loving Yourself Enough

Four Relationship Mistakes Every Girl Makes

We’ve heard this many times before. How do you expect someone to love you when you don’t love yourself? Will someone treat you like the queen you are if you don’t treat yourself that way? This is a question of having the self-confidence and self-esteem to love who you are without the input of someone else. Your ability to love someone else is a 100 percent dependent on how much you love yourself.

PS: Men find confident women sexy.


2. Playing Wife to a Boyfriend

Four Relationship Mistakes Every Girl Makes

Many of us are guilty of this. It’s understandable that you want to show your boyfriend how much of a good wife you’d make. But ladies, we totally need to dial this trait way down. Doesn’t it rankle when you invest your all in a relationship and your partner doesn’t? A relationship is a two-way street. Don’t cross a river for someone who wouldn’t jump a puddle for you.

3. Impatience

Four Relationship Mistakes Every Girl Makes

This one is another common mistake that every girl makes. You meet a cute, hot, bearded, rich fellow who ticks all the right boxes and meets all the proper standards. The next thing, you want to move things along to the next stage without getting to know if this “perfect guy” is actually perfect for you. This usually leads to the “had I known” scenario. Take some time to get to know who this guy is and enjoy being single because what would be, would surely be.

4. Confusing Lust for Love

Four Relationship Mistakes Every Girl Makes

This also ties in closely to Impatience. Most times, we tend to confuse lust with love. Just because sex is involved doesn’t mean he loves and respects you. Beware of the many “Yoruba demons” parading around claiming to want commitment. All they want is to fall in lust with you, never love. In this very harsh world, girls have to got to smarten up!


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