Four Things That Share The Same Name With Some Nigerian Towns

Everything that is considered authentic Naija must have a Naija name. Our Naija names are so awesome that they almost replace the proper English names of those things.

Image: VenturesAfrica

For example, nobody ever calls this (pictured above), a commercial bus except on the news, we call it “danfo” or “molue.”

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Do you know that some things in Naija also share the same name as places?

Check them out:

1.   Ofada

The popular “Ofada rice” shares the same name with Ofada, a community in Ogun state.

Image: DobbysSignature

2.   Okrika

Okrika, the pidgin word for second-hand clothes has exactly the same name as Okrika, a town in Rivers state.

Image: NaijaDeevas

3.  Udu

If you’re from Southeastern Nigeria, you’d appreciate this a lot. Udu is a plosive Igbo aerophone instrument. It shares the same name as a Local Government area in Delta State.

Image: Asza

4.  Okada

We’re forever ‘climbing’ Okada (motorbike) in Nigeria. Did you know there is a town in Edo state with the same name?

Image: JujuFilmsTV

source: OmgVoice


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