From Around the Web:6 Awesome Infographics Guide to Effective Goal Setting

The main secret to personal productivity is self leadership and management. We want to focus on a sub theme of self leadership which is goal setting.

I actually believe that the starting point to a productive life is goal setting. It is important to always begin a thing with the end in mind.

A picture is worth more than a thousands words. So I would lead you through some goal setting infographics.

Goal setting amongst many other things appear to be an every day discussion yet a lot of people still get it wrong.

From research, the best kinds of goals are SMART GOALS.

infographics for setting smart goals

Let’s examine a more specific example of what form SMART GOALS should take.

infographic on how to create smart goals

Here is a statistical fact of the effect of setting smart goals.

facts infograhics on setting smart goals

There are several things we can set goals for and the image below represents three categories.

goals to keep your life balance

I want to believe that at this point, you understand what smart goals are. If you do not know how to go about writing your goals, the next image will guide you step by step.

step by step goal setting guide

At this point, you should have had your goals written, so you can move on to the possible ways to achieve them.

infographics on how to achieve your goals



SOURCE: Seasonedlifejournal.com


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