Fuel Scarcity Struggles All Nigerians Can Relate To

For as long as I can remember, Nigerians have suffered from lack of electricity coupled with constant fuel scarcity. What an irony for an oil producing nation.

The thing is we have all accepted our fate and gotten used to it, queuing up for fuel at least once a month is now part of life and who are we to complain?

If you’ve ever had to struggle for fuel in Nigeria, this post is for you.

1. When you hear that there’s a fuel scarcity so you get to the station at 4am but there’s already a long queue.



2. Then some goats that feel they are smart come around 9 and try to cut into the line.


3. So because some people on the queue are not having any of it, there will be a fight (or two).


4. When it’s finally your turn, they say the fuel has finished.


5. So you have to bribe the attendant with the money you would have used to buy a substantial amount of fuel to call you when more comes in.


6. You go back with your ‘Jerrycan’ and the same attendant that collected money from you says they’re only selling into cars.vllkyt5obgou9l84d.1ca2f637


7. You would have even bought ‘black market’ but you heard that they mix it with urine to increase the quantity (plus the fact that the sellers always look shady).PICA3.-FUEL-HAWKERS-IN-ABUJA-NIGERIA


8. You then try to take public transport to work only to find out that a distance that is usually 50 naira is now 150.


9. And you get stuck in traffic for 4 hours because of all the long queues.


10. The price of everything you try to buy has increased because ”fuel scarcity”


11. So you just sit down and wish you were an oil company ambassador, I bet Tiwa Savage doesn’t go through all this rubbish.


source: OmgVoice



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