Full List: 33 Nigerian States That Are Finding It Hard To Pay Workers Salaries

BudgIT has released an updated list of states that can’t pay the salaries of their workers.

In 2015, BudgIT said only 19 states were caught in the web of insolvency, but now the number has swollen to 33.

Here are the states that are finding it hard to pay workers:

Akwa Ibom is last on the table of ability to meet monthly recurrent expenditure commitments followed by Bayelsa, Oyo and Osun, BudgIT revealed.

  •    Akwa Ibom
  •    Bayelsa
  •     Oyo
  •     Osun
  •     Ogun,
  •     Plateau,
  •     Delta,
  •     Kwara,
  •     Adamawa,
  •     Abia,
  •     Benue,
  •     Bauchi,
  •     Jigawa,
  •     Kano,
  •     Cross River,
  •     Kogi,
  •     Imo,
  •     Ondo,
  •     Nassarawa,
  •     Yobe,
  •     Kaduna,
  •     Ekiti,
  •     Sokoto
  •     Borno
  •     Taraba
These states are able to meet up in some measures:
  •     Zamfara,
  •     Gombe,
  •     Anambra,
  •     Niger,
  •     Katsina,
  •     Ebonyi,
  •     Edo
  •     Kebbi
Only Lagos, Rivers and Enugu states have been able to pay workers salaries, the report added.

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