Genevieve Nnaji: 4 Reasons Why She’s Queen Of Nollywood

Genevieve Nnaji is one of Nollywood’s biggest star who has been around for almost forever. In Nollywood, the beautiful Mbaise born actress is peerless.

With an acting career which spans over 29-years , she is considered one of the most successful actresses in Nigerian history. Here are 5 proofs that Genevieve Nnaji is Queen of Nollywood:

1. Ageless beauty

Some say she’s a vampire because her age never shows on her figure. At 37 she’s still the hottest Star in Nollywood.

gen nolly.jpg

2. International acclaim

In 2003, Oprah Winfrey described Genevieve Nnaji as the ‘Juliet Roberts of Africa. She has also been featured on CNN

3. Genevieve Nnaji is a powerful brand

The corporate world understands how powerful a brand ‘Genevieve Nnaji’ is . She has a ver successful relationship with corporate Nigeria and mega deals with Lux, Range Rover, Etisalat, MUD, and her own fashion line St. Genevieve.

gen etisalat.jpg

4. She’s above the fray

Genevieve Nnaji is a star that doesn’t struggle to shine. She’s held in high esteem by fans and haters alike. She reigns supreme and has no time for the pettiness other celebrities exhibit on social network. When she turns up, even fellow celebrities bow.

Genevieve Nnaji.jpg


Source: Nigerian Bulletin


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