Goodluck Jonathan Recounts His Pride In Ensuring democratic Handover Of Power In The United States… Read Full Speech

Goodluck Jonathan recounts his pride in ensuring democratic handover of power in 7 African countries before an august audience discussing Nigeria and other issues.
In his Words:

‘My proudest moment was peaceful handover of power’

Since leaving office one year and one week ago, I have had the luxury of time to be able to reflect. I said before the last election that my political ambition was not worth the blood of one Nigerian. It is my sincerest wish that democracy continues to be consolidated in the continent of Africa. it has always been my consistent desire to help consolidate peace & cultivate democracy in Nigeria and across Africa. We will work for good governance by promoting credible and transparent elections, as well as peaceful power transfers.

The focus of my energies is to uphold democratic principles, promote peaceful transitions and support entrepreneurship: By providing an e-wallet to farmers which grew the percentage of registered farmers receiving subsidy from 11% to 94. This initiative improved food security, creating jobs and reducing inflation to its lowest levels in 5 years.

He also touched on his efforts on educating the populace and bringing government closer to the common man…

‘I am proud of the fact that my administration established a federal university in the 12 States that did not previously have them. Money must go towards providing education for all, because we know that once citizens are educated, they have futures. Despite it not being the responsibility of the federal government, we built hundreds of primary and secondary schools across Nigeria.

And On Unity In Nigeria….

Equality promotes meritocracy, growth and security. Tribalism and regionalism should never be acceptable in Nigeria. We must go the next step and accept all Nigerians residing in any part of the country as equal citizens. Indigenes and residents must pay the same amount for school fees and social services all over the county. A Nigeria where you are judged on your merits and not your origins, A Nigeria where you can get the education you want and the future you choose.
A Nigeria whose government serves the people and is not above the law. A place where we all work together, rather than allow ourselves to be divided by tribalism or prejudice, Nothing better sums up this vision for Nigeria than our national anthem, which sounds as good in prose as in song.
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