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Guys, Bad Habits That Women Hate In Bedroom

Bedroom Chronicles: Guys, Bad Habits That Women Hate In The Bedroom

we will look at the male habits that the women can’t stand. Guys, below are the things that you do that the women would much rather prefer that you don’t:


Guys, breasts NOT bread or foam – We all know how much men love the mounds. They get so excited that they forget that they’re handling two sensitive parts of a woman’s body which needs to be handled with care. No one is saying that you shouldn’t play with them. Oh, play with them to your heart’s content but NEVER handle them roughly. Never squeeze tight, never pull like a door handle, never bite it like meat etc. Remember that she’s left with the pain when you are sleeping happily.

Backyard Dirty Talk – Nigerian men! Stop it! ‘Baby, are you hot? Baby, do you want it like that? Baby, hunh?’ Guys if you want to talk dirty, please do but do it right! A secret that you might not know is that you can reduce your woman to a bowl of water just with a few words so learn if you must!

The man that skips foreplay – Guys, you can’t just grab her and stick your weapon into her immediately. Most women don’t find that sexy at all. I’m not saying that you need to give her a massage or watch an emotional movie with her to get her in the mood but a woman always needs foreplay. There are so many parts of a woman’s body that sets her off. Even if just a few minutes spent on kissing or whispering good stuff to her, a woman always wants you to explore her body. Full stop!

Leaving used con doms lying around – She knows you just finished putting in some work and she appreciates it but that doesn’t mean that you should leave messy condoms around. It is disgusting and disrespectful. It shows respect when you can remember to dispose of your used properties.

Baby, are you finished?/ Are you done?/Are you there yet?– Why is it that a woman can tell when her man is close to finishing or getting on the ride so why do most men have to ask? I know that some men ask because they like to hear that they took her there but for the women, it just sounds like you’re asking her so that you can get to your own finish line. Pay attention to her and find out what she does when she’s there.

Pushing her head down – Yes, she knows how much you love her ministrations down there and she’s happy to do it for you so why must you push her head down towards the spot. What happened to your mouth and communication? In the spirit of pleasure and all, there are better ways to show her what you want than to push her head down. She’s your girl NOT your lay for the night.



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