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Guys, All You Need To Know About Using Your Hair Clippers!

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In this modern stage, it is very unrealistic not to know how to use the clipper yourself. Not even in this country Nigeria that when you get home late and you need to shave and barb and there is not light and there is a long queue. There is no alternative than to do it yourself!

Men who grow weary of paying for expensive haircuts from stylists often choose to use hair clippers or buzzers instead. Using clippers is very easy and fast. Those who clip can sometimes cut their hair themselves in their bathrooms and shower afterward, avoiding the annoyance of small hairs that prickle under their collars or inside shirts

Use on clean dry hair that has been combed until tangle-free. Set the cutting length as required, or attach the desired comb guide attachment. It is always best to start cutting with a longer grade first and work in sections, so you know which sections are yet to be cut. Hold the clipper against the hair then start the cut with the following steps.

Steps to follow
Choose your guard size: every hair clipper comes with a number of attachments that allow you to cut your hair to different lengths. Many people choose to cut the sides of their hair shorter than the top. The longest is a size 7 or 8, depending on the clipper, which leaves about an inch of hair on your head. Using a guard shorter than a size 4 will show your scalp, which leaves you vulnerable to sunburn

Handling the clipper: Holding the clipper with the blades down and work against the direction of your hair’s growth, so you can catch more hair with the guard…

Take care not to go too fast: so you do not tug on the hair or hit your scalp by going slowly, you not only ensure that you are giving a comfortable cut, but a smooth, even one as well. Your goal is to cut all the hair in one pass

Turn the clipper over in your hand: Carefully cut a clean line at the back of the neck and around the ears. Go slowly so you do not make a mistake.

Draw the clipper down: from the hairline at the back of the neck to clip the hair in that region. This leaves the neck feeling smooth and comfortable.

Cut a line: At the bottom of the sideburns, comparing their lengths to ensure they’re even. If you or the person whose hair you’re cutting has facial hair, use a guard to provide a smooth transition from the sideburns to the beard.

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Clean your clippers: By brushing the blades free of hair, disinfecting them with alcohol and then applying a thin film of oil. Use the oil that came with the clippers.

Hairdryer: It is good for blowing short hairs off the neck after a clipper cut.

Powder: Applying baby powder to the neck keeps the hairs from adhering to the skin, making them easier to remove.

Freshen up: If it is not possible to shower immediately after getting a haircut, it is helpful to find a slick material to drape around your shoulders and pull tight against your neck. A slick fabric allows the hairs to fall off onto the floor instead of sticking to shirts, pants or chair fabrics.


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