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Habits You Should Avoid To Prevent Toilet Infections

From research, toilet infection does not actually exists as a disease in medicine, but people refer to any infection around the genitals as a toilet infection.

Here are some the daily habits to avoid if you don’t want to have any genital infection.

Douching with soap and water. Some young girls and women prefer to use harmful chemical substance unknowingly for douching. Please, stop this habit, you are killing the useful bacteria and at the same time, creating space for the bad ones to thrive.

The way you clean your butt matters after bowel movements. Clean from front to the back and not back to the front to avoid urinary tract infections.

Beware of dirty toilet. The toilet is one of the commonest place to get infections while others are s3xually transmitted (through intercourse). Ladies, make sure the toilet your are putting your butt on is properly clean. Avoid splashing toilet water on the skin area around your va gina. You can use the tissue technique.

Weakened immune system: If you have a weak immune system, it will be very difficult for you to fight against infections. Always eat a balance meal, with plenty fruits and green vegetables for more antibodies against diseases and infections.

Abuse of Antibiotics. When an antibiotic drug no longer has an effect on a certain infection, the infection are said to be antibiotic resistant. The overuse and misuse of antibiotics are major factors contributing to antibiotic resistance. Please, don’t use any drugs without a prescription from your doctor.

Birth control pills. Many Changes in the female body occur as a result of hormones and the va gina is not an exception; Hence, with increased hormonal levels from oestrogen-containing birth control pills, the va ginal environment becomes disturbed, says experts.

Lastly, wear breathable undies and avoid the tight fitted fabrics once in a while.


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