This Is What Happens When You Eat Banana Everyday

How can a banana be beneficial for our health if we compare it to other products? What do we know about banana benefits and side effects?Still, banana has many exclusive effects on the health which you can`t see in the regular taking products and fruits. Nevertheless, many people just love this yellow-skinned fruit, and here’s why they eat it.

Banana benefits

It can be quite easy to implement banana into your daily diet. Moreover, you can take banana in any place you like as it`s very comfortable to place it into your bag. If you get to know some other health benefits connected to the banana, then you can quite make a history with this fruit.

One banana per day

Instead of eating an apple per day try to stick to the banana. It will keep you from a doctor for the very long period. The banana health benefits can perfectly outweigh any Apple regarding nutrient elements and vitamins. Bananas can overweigh any Apple by two times in carbohydrates, in three times phosphorus and five times Vitamin A. it should also be mentioned that bananas are enriched with natural sugar and potassium. All these factors provide supremacy over any apple.

Energy supply

Bananas can be named a great source of the natural energy due to an abundance of minerals and vitamins. If you eat only two bananas before exercises, then you may expect enough energy for more than one hour. Bananas can be quite a fuel if you feel sluggish and tired during the day. Instead of having some coffee, try to use banana, it can provide much more energy without a sudden crash of it.

Potassium supply

Potassium provides better performance in our oxygen circulation and bananas are rich in potassium. Therefore, it helps our body to maintain circulation and gives the proper balance of water and keeps the rhythm of the heartbeat. It can be a good helper in decreasing the risk of strokes and high blood pressure.

Constipation treatment 

Bananas can provide the best assistance in stopping constipations. The regular bowel function can be provided with a certain type of fiber concentrated in bananas. Instead of using laxatives that can contain synthetic chemical substances, try to use bananas. It can certainly maintain in good health any part of your digestive system and keep distance with diarrhea.

Mood improvement

One banana a day can certainly help you working out any bad spirit as bananas are enriched on tryptophan. It`s a mood fixing substance that provides you with proteins and minerals to get your mind fixed and relaxed. Therefore, it will make you feel happy. If you feel depressed and everything goes out of the control, then one banana can help you to illuminate the depression.

Banana in “these days”

Instead of taking pills that provide chemical help to the dealing with menstruation pain, try to use a banana. Bananas contain Vitamin B6 that can perfectly help you with glucose level and speed up your mood.

Brain power increase

Potassium contained in bananas can perfectly increase your brain activity. In one of the researches, it was showed that students who took bananas for three times a day, showed much greater results in alert tasks during their classes.

Banana for Party

If you desire to illuminate effects of the hangover, then try to stick to bananas. They have natural abilities to replenish body`s vitamins and provide a relaxing effect to your brains. The simplest cocktail with banana if you desire to destroy hangover presence is next: –    Put few bananas in blender –    Put some yogurt blender –    Put some honey in blender –    Mix everything –    Drink this mix The fruits restore your stomach health and help it to calm, where honey will play its part in restoring sugar level in your blood. Bananas vitamin B can perfectly illuminate any sign of psychological and physical stress.


Pregnant women and bananas

Bananas have a calming effect on the body. Pregnant women can eat bananas to help with their morning problems. It also helps to restore a healthy level of glucose in the blood. Bananas also help regulate a temperature of women`s body. It can be a perfect fruit to cheer up a pregnant woman.

Banana for skin

If you have some mosquitoes that bite you every time you sleep, and you can illuminate mosquito bites from your skin, then try to rub your place of bite with inside part of the banana`s peel. It can help you to illuminate the swelling and itching effect of the mosquito bite. You might also take notice that it works better than any creams or medication that you find in a drugstore.

Ulcers treatment 

Bananas can be perfect helpers in treating your stomach. It can reduce the acidity in the stomach that can leave other food. They can perfectly help with treating the irritation of the digestive system.

Iron supply 

If you suffer from a deficiency of iron in your body, then bananas can be quite a welcome decision regarding helping you to get the Iron level in normal. They can contribute to producing hemoglobin. Therefore, your blood will clot much faster.

Banana peels as fertilizers

Bananas peels can be perfect fertilizers for your garden. Try to use them for fertilizing your soil and garden. Your roses will certainly benefit from having banana peels in their custody. If you desire your flowers to blossom, then try to use some banana peels.

Banana side effects

Bananas can be quite beneficial for your health as they are filled with nutrients and minerals. Nevertheless, if you eat too much of them, then you might have some problems with your health connected to the bananas. If you understand the negative potential of eating too much of the fruit, you may handle the problem.

Heart problems  

One large banana is considerably estimated with five hundred milligrams of potassium. The normal recommended intake of potassium is 2000 mg per day. The excess of potassium may lead to heart problems. Nevertheless, our healthy body can figure out how to help with potassium where it`s needed. Try to eat no more than seven bananas per day, as eating too much may cause some problems with your heart. 3-4 bananas per day are quite enough to feel well.


As it was mentioned earlier, bananas are a great source of tryptophan. Still, it can work as a great relaxation method, but eating too much may cause drowsiness.

Allergic reaction

If you take notice about fruit problems in childhood, you may see that many food allergies can develop in childhood. Nevertheless, in a case with bananas, it can appear in adulthood. If you eat too much of this fruit, you may get many problems with it, like stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, breathing problems and skin itching.

Weight Gain

If you desire to put some weight in your body, then you can keep swallowing bananas, but dieters should eliminate this product from their daily food. It contains a significant amount of proteins and fat which can help you to gain weight quite fast.


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