Happy Birthday Ben Murray-Bruce

Call him controversial and you’ll not be far from the point but like it or not, this Senator and founder of Silverbird group, has sparked up a lot of social media discussions recently most important of which is the #BuyNaijaToGrowNaija. He has openly criticised the president on social media, his aides and left people with a few sentiments about his judgements, but that’s not why we’re here.

We’re celebrating Uncle Ben and so we’re telling you five things we’re sure you didn’t know about him;

1. He wanted to be a professor of History

His initial dream was to be a professor of History. However, he studied Marketing at the University of South Carolina eventually.



2. His parents never liked show business

His venture into show business didn’t enjoy the support of his parents. In his words “One time I was dancing and my father saw me dancing. He said, “If I ever catch you dancing, you’ll never use those legs again.”



3. He started his business with borrowed capital

Silverbird group started in 1980 with N20,000 Ben borrowed. The office was a desk in a small corner of the Domino administrative office, owned by his father.



4. His first name is Benedict

Not Benjamin, not Bennett or Ebenezer. It’s Benedict Murray-Bruce



5. He has three children

Ben has three children: two boys and a girl: Jared and Jonathan are the boys and Jasmine is his daughter.


Happy Birthday once again Uncle Bruce! Send us invites to the birthday party and the launch of your book tomorrow.


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