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Here’s How To Handle A Woman Giving Mixed Signals

imagesThere are women who will intentionally send men mixed signals to try and get their attention. One minute, she might be slipping her hand across your shoulder, laughing at your jokes, and flirting shamelessly with you then the next minute, she’s ignoring your texts for days and acting like you’re the last person that she would want to see.

We all know that women play hard to get intentionally. They thrive at mind games and sending mixed signals. Why? It could defense mechanism for women who have been hurt in the past or a woman’s effort for trying to gain power over a man. The main reason however, would be that she probably likes you and she just wants to see if you feel the same way so she’ll push you to the heights just to figure it out.

So now, the question is – What do you do when you’re faced with a woman that keeps sending you missed signals? Do you give up on the situation? Or do you flirt. Below are candid points that you need to deal with the situation:

Reciprocate the flirting. Flirt back whenever she’s flirting with you, send cute text messages, make her laugh and just play along with her flow. If you’ve kept up with her flirtation or even tried to return mixed signals and you’re still getting confusing results, then you need to step it up and get her attention. At this stage, you must make her choose whether she wants to be with you or not by asking her out for a meeting. Keep in mind that it should not be a date but a ‘meet’ that even friends can go for.

Be attentive. It’s utterly important to be attentive during this ‘meet’. You should pay attention to all her signals when you’re with her because if she’s really interested, then she’ll send you some hints… She’ll laugh at your jokes; she’ll refrain from texting or receiving calls, she’ll probably blush uncontrollably at your words and she won’t be able to stop herself from touching you or attempting to hold your hands.

Really consider where you stand. You know yourself best. Are you the type of person who can go with the flow even if it goes nowhere? Even if she’s one of your good friends, resentment can grow when you keep getting almost nothing from her and you may end up having to either talk about it or separating from each other. If you’re just about ready quit the game of mixed signals then you need to do a bit of consideration before-hand. Who is she to you? Do you really like her back or are you just pressured to flirt back because she’s sending you mixed signals?

You will want to consider where you stand and resolve it before you…

Lay your cards out on the table. The game of mixed signals can start out as something casual but nobody deserves to be taken for granted and strung along. If you just can’t take the suspense any longer, or you’re getting sick of trying to solve the mystery, then it’s time to get it all out in the open. Approach her calmly and lay the cards on the table. Let her know that you both have played games long enough and let your intentions be known clearly to her. Now you’ll have your answer. If she says yes, then great for you but if she says no, then at least you can drop all the suspense and carry on with whatever you were doing before it all started.


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