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So Hilarious! Now That Trump Is President, 6 Top Things Nigerians Should Get When Returning To Nigeria

The new president of the United State of America said so many things during his several campaign sessions and manifesto, one of which was he was going to deport all Nigerians in the States back to Nigeria. I came across this hilarious post and just decided to publish it, read along…..

Dear Nigerians living in America, now that Donald Trump has won, there are top things you will need when you are returning home, they include:

#1. Power Banks


#2. Rechargeable lamps/fans


#3. Bags Of Rice

bags of rice

#4. Umbrella


#5. Plenty of Dollars


#6. And please if you see an original Iphone charger, also bring for me.


Safe journey as we see you guys soon…….

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