This Hilarious Photo Of A Keke NAPEP Will Teach You Lessons In Self-esteem


A Keke NAPEP that was spotted with a unique tag on it which will tell you about a special thing you need to do for yourself today.

This Keke Napep popularly called ‘Marwa’ was spotted somewhere in Lagos and has gone viral after emerging online.
At first glance, one is not sure what is so unique about the tricycle untill the words written at the top of it hits the eyes.
Clearly written with white paint is “Toyota Hilux” and even though it looks like some joke, it carries a strong message behind its hilarious touch.
As far as the Keke NAPEP owner is concerned, the outsider may see a Keke but he sees a Toyota Hilux. It’s all in the mind.
You should learn from this and decide to give youself some special treatment today becuase you are very special and even if no one sees it, you see it and acknowledge that you are unique and have self-esteem.
source: TORI

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