How to Avoid Impulse Buying in 6 Simple Ways!

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Yes, almost everyone is guilty of this. You go out shopping for a simple dress, and all of sudden you see something and instantly feel the need to get it. You immediately forget about your saving plans, schools fees, debts, everything else. It’s about time you made that decision!

There are many steps you can take to avoid impulse buying and not put your budget and plans in jeopardy. One thing you need to know first, is that to win the battle against impulse buying, you must be disciplined and be ready to curb your ‘shopping appetite.’ That said, let’s get to the tips and tricks to avoid impulse buying.

Plan ahead: This means working on a budget. Once you know how much money comes in and how much you can afford to spend, plan out what it is you will be buying and ask yourself this question, do you really need it? This is just a simple exercise that should help you buy less

Make a list: Once you make a list of everything you need to buy and their cost, review it and commit to cutting it in half. When you go out shopping, stick to the list and figure out how much you saved by not buying stuff on impulse. Remember that you have to make this before you hit the stores, you can also check online for prices of items you are unsure of.


Think before you buy: Another incredibly useful tip is to make a list of all the things you supposedly need and then wait a while. Ideally, you’ll let a couple of weeks go by before you take another look at the list. You’ll be amazed by how much of the stuff you listed you truly don’t need or care for at all.

Go shopping alone: Not sure if this happens to you, but some times when you go shopping with friends, you end up spending more money. I don’t know if it’s because you’re totally relaxed or if it’s an unconscious way to compete with your friends to see who can spend more.

Question yourself: Is what you’re about to buy absolutely necessary? Will it make your life better? Will it put your budget in jeopardy? Will it translate into a future debt? Answer these questions honestly and you’ll be less likely to impulse buy.

Reward yourself: Once you’ve managed to keep your impulse buying at bay for a few months, you can go ahead and reward yourself with something you’ve been really wanted to get.


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