How To Be The Best Guy For Your Woman


stock-photo-48750322-young-couple-in-love-outdoorsMany guys say and believe that women don’t know what they want. While that is arguable, it is a definite fact that they do want the same things when it comes to their men and their relationships. Below are ways that you can be the best boyfriend and the best guy to and for your girl.

Keep getting better:
She doesn’t want a man that doesn’t make an effort towards his personal appearance or goals just because he finds himself in a relationship. She wants a man that will build himself up and in turn, build her up. She wants an achiever. She wants to always be attracted to you. In fact, one thing that women can’t stand in this case is a man that doesn’t make effort not just for her but for him ultimately because it keeps her interested.

Pay attention to what you do more than what you say:
Most women can’t tell when they’re being lied to or when they’re being deceived so for them, words don’t really mean so much; It’s the actions that matter. She wants you to be there for her when she needs you and to find time for her no matter how busy you are etc. You might not say you love her but if you show it in how you respect her desires and opinions, then it’s more than enough for her.

Don’t encourage scenes that will spark jealousy in her
She, like most women, can almost always suspect times when you’re being dishonest. You shouldn’t find yourself in a place where you might lead some girl on or give another girl a chance to come on to you. You should always make the other girls jealous of your girl because your girl’s feelings should be your first priority no matter what. The truth is, your girl will not crazy or insecure or jealously if you don’t give her reason to.

Little gestures go a long way:
For her, the little things like paying attention to her slight discomfort and attempting to fix it even if she’s not saying anything, looking into her eyes when you compliment her, buying her favorite meal on your way back from work etc. Those little things can make her melt.

Challenge your woman (sometimes):
Women want that. She might think she does but she doesn’t really want a man who will always tell her what she wants to hear. She actually wants one that will gently but effectively steer her right if she going wrong. She might not like it but she will later appreciate the constructive fights that such passion for her will bring because the truth is most times, women need that extra push.

Be Positive:
No woman can resist a man who is positive. She wants you to be that man that she can have next to herself in any stressful situation because she will always draw from that positive energy that you exude. If you will be a pillar in times of doubts, she’ll always hold on to you.

Know how to loosen her up:
No matter how free or fun she is, she desires a man that can inspire more freedom in her. If she’s uptight, she desires the same. You should be able to help her loose herself in the moment and give herself a break.

She loves a man that makes her laugh:
She wants a man that will do anything to get as little as a smile from her even if it means making a fool of himself in the process. In fact, she holds onto such a man.

Whatever you do, be passionate about it:
That is what she desires above all else not withstanding what it is that you might be doing. She wants to see you be passionate about your life and your job and the people around you because it tells a lot about how passionate you will be when it concerns her. A passionate guy has a certain depth and substance to him and women crave that.


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