How to develop a successful career after graduating

The word success is relative and there are different meanings to different people. In the context of this blog post, we are measuring success to the degree of relevance you can produce in the society.

We must not forget that education is meant to serve as a tool for everyone to be highly informed in other to be relevant in the society. It is primarily aimed at socio-economic development.

I would also emphasize that whatever Information provided in this post is not limited to University education. It cuts across technical colleges, polytechnics, etc.

There are certain things we highlighted that can help one attain success in a career. If you intend starting your own company/business or taking up a nine to five job, these tips can help you grow tremendously.

#1. Your course of study is not the end itself but a means to an end

If you still think just having a degree, is the totality of life, you are missing the big picture. There are several people who also possess the same degree or even greater qualifications but can’t get the dream career or job they had always anticipated.

Do not totally base your life on a paper, you should focus more on the knowledge you are being taught. It is not just about having good grades but gaining mastery of your field.

You can have good grades and mastery but never aim for grades by just engaging in rote learning. This leads us to the second point.

#2. The product is primarily you

The major thing the world cares about is what you can offer.

You must recognize that the purpose of education is not to develop good paper figures that will make up a Curriculum vitae but to have the basic requirements for functional living in the society.

Mark it or underline it; FUNCTIONAL LIVING.

What makes up you includes; character, skills, thought pattern, and principles. If you can clearly develop these areas, it will give you a head start into whatever field you decide to operate.

#3. Define you niche

This is your place of purpose. This is the very place you find fulfilment. This is where your skills, thoughts, and principles find relevance.

If you do not deal with this place properly, whatever you do subsequently will be a waste. Do not just take jobs or start a business because you want to survive. Make sure you have it well analysed.

If it is temporary, make sure you are happy doing it. I believe true success is accompanied with passion and fulfilment.

The moment your focus is survival and not fulfilment, you will burn out soon.

#4. Research for problem in your niche and solve them

This is the definition of true value. This is the reason why some people get more pay, more deals, and more recognition than their counterparts in the same field.

The simple idea here is to be service-oriented. If you work for your boss or you are your own boss, the key to true success is to meet people needs in whatever genuine way you can.

#5. Be innovative

The ability to reinvent yourself and your products is invaluable. This is one major way to remain relevant. Always seek to improve on what already exists.

It would be absurd to think at any point that you have gotten to the peak. There is always a new level to climb and a new mark to cross.

#6. Value team work

If you work for an organisation, be a good team player. If you have your organisation, build a team. The idea here is to never walk or work alone.

You need every good hand you can get to fulfil the task ahead.
This might be so simple but I know several organisations spend a lot to hire management consultants and coaches to teach their staffs the importance of working as a team.

This is a skill that you can learn and develop. You can learn to work with anyone despite the differences.

#7. Do not copy

It is not ethical in any workplace to copy others. Most times, it is not always a conscious effort.

It might be as an attempt to imitate someone else who succeeded at a particular thing.

Success indeed leaves clues but be careful not to begin measuring your progress with reference to another. Be as unique as possible.

#8. Networking (Get into the web)

It is a very important to network with colleagues and influencers in the same or related field.

It is great for sharing ideas, establishing the right connections, and it can attract some rare opportunities to you.

#9. Have a vision

I am currently reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

The second habit in the book talks about beginning with the end in mind. Your first creation is in your mind.

Create a mental image of what you really desire. This will be the blue print to your growth and development.

This is one success principle that is indispensable. There is possibly no way you can measure your growth by random acts, you must predetermine in your heart.

10. Consistently develop yourself

As the world evolves, you should be able to keep up with the pace.

In whatever career path you choose, you are supposed to be rendering service and you would need to improve on some certain areas as time go by.

This could be your Problem solving skills or even critical thinking ability. You may even need the help of a coach.

making decisions after college.


How do I merge my passion with my University degree into an awesome career especially when I am studying a course I did not choose?

My Answer

This is a common case in the Nigeria educational system. Students end up being offered admission to study a course different from what they chose.

Most times, some students struggle throughout their College years, while some still perform well but end up dumping the degree to pursue their passion.

So what if there is a way to use your degree in enhancing your passion? Would you give it a chance?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Discover your passion or area of calling as it were. Identify key areas in your course of study and figure out how your passion can be used in your course of study and vice versa.

Let me give an epic illustration.

I applied to study Medicine and Surgery in Lagos State University but I was offered Physics education. Awesome swap right? Yes!

As the years go by, I got engaged in some other stuffs and began to develop great love for programming. 

I had learnt how to use some languages like C++, C#, Python, etc. So I say to myself, I do not want to teach physics in a high school or even become a college lecturer because I love programming.


You can have both if you desire. You can be a programmer that develop IT solutions for educational problems especially in the area of physics education in Nigeria.

It can cut across every level of education! That is big business and passion!


Yes! It is applicable to almost any area. You just need to do your research.

If you have flair for business and you find yourself studying Biochemistry, there are ways to develop your business passion and apply it as a biochemist. It could be a cosmetics company.

There could be some peculiarities but this can help many Nigeria college students solve the problem of “I applied for biochemistry but they gave me chemistry education” syndrome.


There are so many books and events about this subject but we still have this question in abundance. It is no rocket science. It as easy as you blink your eyes.

From research and previous experiences, your passion can be cloaked in two different dimensions:

1. Fascinations

There are things you are naturally drawn towards. When ever you encounter those things, you are excited. It could be photography, art, music, volunteer works, etc.

2. Frustrations

Some people hate disorderliness than normal. There are people who seem so concern about injustice than others.

They would go an extra to see to how that specific problem can be solved. I believe that this is one major way God uses to sow a seed of passion in every man.

Most solutions and innovations that has brought about a positive change in the world today began has a burden.

One person somewhere seem to be more concerned about the problem than anyone else.

“The burden which Habakkuk the prophet did see. “ (Habakkuk 1:1)

Reading down that scripture, you would see when God asked Habakkuk to write down the vision that began as a burden so that others can read and run with it.

There are certain things you are naturally wired for. They are things you should focus on.

You don’t necessarily have to possess the skill or ability before it is a passion. Some people’s passion would need you to learn a skill.

The only difference would be that because they are naturally wired for that thing, it would come to them easy compared to others.

Whatever your fascination or frustration is, it will narrow down to “skill, gift, or talent.”

Do not restrict yourself.

Who says you cannot establish a “ new niche”?

Once upon a time in Nigeria, make-up artistry was not an occupation that was well recognised but the likes of Tara Durotoye brought about revolution.

In the branding industry of Nigeria, the name of Leke Alder cannot be ignored.

Never restrict your career (profession or occupation) by what already exists.

The world is evolving. Inventions each day bring about new job opportunities. You can be flexible.

These things discussed here are common but we still have some college students and even graduates miss out on this important areas.
I believe the ultimate trick is to understand the true essence of education and the other things would come naturally.

Over to you?
I love feedbacks in form of recommendations or question. We all love comments. Please leave yours below.

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