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How To Keep Your Nails At Their Best

Everyone likes clean, well-manicured and polished nails. Though most people are unaware of the fact that nails too need to be taken well care of. Eating a healthy diet is as important for your nails as for the vital organs of your body. It is important to include certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in your daily diet to ensure that your nails remain healthy and beautiful.

cleaningRemove nail polish: Take off every nail polish you are wearing or some that have been left from the last time. To keep your nails healthy you must let them breathe for a bit, so avoid nail polish. If you continually, this makes them unhealthy and unattractive. So clear off all nail polish and bacteria from your nail. Stick to a removal that has acetate in it.

Trim your nails: Ragged and chipped edges will promote breakage, so try to keep them even. Doing this is prevent your nails from tearing and becoming unhealthy, avoid nails clippers and opt for nail scissors as clippers damage the nail further.

fileShape your nails with a filer: After clearing off your nail polish and cutting your nails, now it’s time to file your nails. Filing your nails is good because it gives your nails an even shape which will make them appear stronger. While filing your nails make sure to go in one direction only, do not move the flier in a back and forth motion as this will make your nail brittle. Do not file your nails while it is wet because wet nails tends to break easily.

washWash your hand regularly because this is good for your nails, by washing your hand you can clear off bacteria.

Give your nail a little treatment, use normal hand cream or cuticle oil rub them around your nails until it absorbs into the skin.nail 3

Quit tempting habits like biting of nails, try to keep your hands away from your mouth.

naillMoisturise your hand and nails: You can use hand cream, body lotion or cuticle oil to moisturise your hand in the morning and before sleeping it keeps your nails hydrated and leaves your cuticles looking soft. Stay away from petroleum products and fragrances they do more harm than good.nails

Increase the consumption of food rich in Vitamin A and calcium, drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juice to help keep your body and nails well hydrated.


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