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How To Smell Good All Day Long

Everyone will give anything to smell good all day, where your loved scent/fragrance lasts through the day.

Spraying fragrance correctlySpraying fragrance correctly

Applying perfume/your fragrance just like every other beauty products has hacks to get the maximum use out of them for everyday wear. So if you are looking to make them last all day, target the ‘pulse points’ (which are the warm areas of the body) that make sure you stay smelling fresh all day.

To make fragrance last longer, choose (you DO NOThave to apply all over these places at once) pulse points on the body; decolletage, the wrists, inside the arm above the elbow, the temple just behind the ears, collar bone, belly button, behind the knees and the ankles!

Warm areas of the bodyWarm areas of the body aka Pulse Points keep perfume for longer

The warm areas of the body/the Pulse Points help diffuse the fragrance all over the body as temperature rises and decreases during the day keeping you smelling good every time as the fragrance lasts longer.


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