How Your Makeup Can Last Long On An Oily Skin


best-makeup-for-oily-skin-600x400Having an oily face has both advantages and disadvantages.

Its advantage includes being less prone to wrinkles and having a well moisturized face and its disadvantages, being prone to acne among others.

Being oily-skinned however, doesn’t mean you can’t have long-lasting makeup. It is about knowing the techniques and right products to use for your skin type. Here are five ways of making your make up last longer.

Use a primer/ mattifier: This helps to minimize the appearance of pores. It also makes the makeup last longer while reducing the oil.



Mineral-Powder-FoundationDon’t over -do your powder: Less is usually more for you when it comes to powders. It is better to apply very little powder so your face doesn’t look cake-y and the skin is unable to breathe.

Look out for oil-free and long wear products: This is very important when you are buying makeup or beauty products for oily skin. Make sure to check out the label for products that are oil-free and will last longer on the skin. This way you are investing right and wisely.

Carry blotting paper: This has to be a staple in your bag every time you wear a makeup, Use it to dab off oil from your face and your makeup stays put all day.

Make up foundation productsGo easy on the foundation: Opt for liquid foundation instead of cream based ones.



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