Improving your thoughts, your beliefs and your reality to Improve Yourself

Your thoughts simply are “the ideas or opinions randomly produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind” and Your beliefs simply are “firmly held opinions or convictions”.
 From my definition of “thoughts and beliefs, we could see that there’s some sort of connection between both terms.
We all have thoughts that is “randomly generated ideas and opinions” but the moment we hold firmly to that idea or opinion, it automatically becomes a “belief”.


The question is “How does this two factors control our reality?”.
The bible says “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is”. Like wise JIM DONOVANsaid in his book “Take charge of your destiny : “Your thoughts produce emotions, emotions, in turn, determines how you feel about a particular event or circumstance in life.
your-thoughts-define you

It surprises me on how people can walk around feeling a particular way and not understand that it is their own thoughts or more accurately what they telling themselves, that is producing the feeling in the first place.

This is why two people can look at the exact same thing and have opposite feelings about it.
You would agree with me that you are creating your own reality, moment by moment with the thoughts you think and what you say, both to yourself and others.
What I’m trying to illustrate is very simple and precise, but i had to go through all I’ve said to make you understand how important your thoughts are and how they control your reality.
It has been said that any thought consistently held for about 15 to 20 seconds, will begin to attract a similar energy.
Let’s supposing for a moment you are in a bad mood, you’re feeling pretty negative about everything, and somewhere else in the universe, there’s another negative experience, by virtue of law of attraction, you will begin to attract some undesirable experiences to you.
There are no co-incidence or accidents, the universe works with a specific principle that are consistent. Like attracts like, whether we like it or not.
Let me cite an example: “2 days ago, i was at gathering in a school and as i was looking around, i saw a lady coming down a stairs, and all of a sudden she lost balance, and almost fell, from that exact scene the idea of falling has been taped to my mind.
Few minutes later, i was going up that same stairs with the thought that i might also fall, i was half way to the top and all of the sudden, i slipped and fell”.
 That was no co-incidence, like attract like, negative thoughts attracts negative experiences which becomes our reality.
Readers, i therefore employ us to stick to positive thoughts, lets closely monitor our every thoughts and word, when we catch ourselves dwelling in the negative, do something to intercept the patten and substitute a positive thought in it’s place.

“B+. it’s not my blood group, neither is it my grade in school, but my favorite quote “BE POSITIVE”

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