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Incredible Causes Of Low SP ERM COUNT

man-on-laptopMost men are completely in the dark when it comes to their fertility, they probably don’t know whether they are fertile.

But, what causes low sp erm counts? From research, here few unbelievable causes:

Sp erm generally grow best at a temperature that is cooler than that of the human body. This is why the testicles are located in the scro tum, which sits away from the body, as it allows the testicles to stay at a lower temperature.

Excessive heat that increases the body’s temperature has been shown to affect sp erm in a negative way. Also, underwear such as tight, fitted boxer briefs can affect the testicles and the sp erm production, as well.

Stress is bad for numerous emotional and physical reasons. Anxiety about work, how to survive in the future or even having a low sp erm count, can interfere negatively with your testosterone.

How you place your laptops and cell phones can also affect your sp erm. Researchers noted that the heat given off from laptops may increase the temperature in your scro tum and reduce sp erm production. In another study, it was discovered that men who carry their phones in their pocket or on their belt with a pouch were more likely to have fewer, inactive sp erm.

It is always important to discuss any thing you notice with your doctor. Quit smoking and moderate alcohol consumption. Cut out unhealthy foods and switch to a high protein diet rich in vegetables and low in fats. Regular exercise is also a big part of a healthy activity and will reduce stress hormones that may damage your sp erm.


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