Is S3x Really The Most Important Part Of A Relationship?

d51094fd398bcd6f6c5f8b69158168d5Can we really look at this question and analyze it for a second because a lot of people seem to think s3x is the ultimate. You hear people say that they can’t even begin a relationship if they’re not having lots of s3x and you begin to wonder  if they’re all about the partner or if they’re all about what goes on between the sheets.

Now, it is no lie that s3x is great. Some people might call it the best experience known to man and a lot of people consider it as the most vital part of any romantic relationship. A vital part? Maybe… The most important part? Definitely not. I mean, what happens after the honeymoon phase (of doing the deed morning, afternoon and night) ends and things begin to get real? Is good s3x enough to withstand the daily issues that every relationship faces? I think not. After all, the deed can’t always be mind-blowing no matter how great you both are.

There are so many reasons as to why s3x can’t be considered as the most vital part of a relationship:

S3x is not the key to happiness. Many people equate their s3x lives to their happiness but the truth is that they’re not connected at all: it’s all in your mind. There are happy people who have lots of it and there are happy people who don’t have a lot of sex, or don’t have it at all.

You can have s3x with anyone but you can’t love anyone. Even though s3x is amazing with the one that you love, it’s shouldn’t be the most amazing thing about them.

S3x isn’t necessary for all relationships to be strong. You don’t do the deeds with your friends or anyone in your family yet you both share a bond that is strong and runs deep.

S3x is not your most valued memory about your relationship (if it is, then the relationship had a problem from the start). When you look back on the best times you’ve had with someone you love, you shouldn’t immediately think about that great s3x you had. Even if you do, it shouldn’t be the thing that you value most.

Not every time, stroking. Sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It helps you both appreciate each other and the times when you do. And, in most cases, the better it gets.

By now, you must know my answer to the question posed in the headline – No, it is not. What is yours? Feel free to share your opinions and answer the question in the comments section below.


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