James Ocholi: 5 Facts Most People Don’t Know About Nigeria’s Late Labour Minister

Here are five facts about Nigeria’s late labour minister James Ocholi which Nigerians probably did not know before his demise:

1. Ocholi is a born stammerer.

2. The late minister of state died barely eight months before his 56th birthday, as he was born on November 26, 1960 to the family of James Momoh Odoh at Idah.

3. Ocholi lost his father at the age of 18 and became the family’s breadwinner at a very young age. He had to fend for his siblings afterwards.

4. Teenage Ocholi would not have become a lawyer but for the scholarship he secured from then Benue state government. He graduated as a lawyer from the University of Jos in 1985, finished from the Nigerian Law School in 1986, and was called to Bar the same year.

5. He did not get the SAN rank until a second attempt. Reports say in 2006, Ocholi applied for the conferment of the rank but did not succeed and he applied again the next year. As fate would have it, he was conferred with the rank on December 12, 2007 as he stood among distinguished legal luminaries in the hallowed chambers of the Supreme Court of Nigeria to receive the honour.


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