Why Kaduna Experienced Multiple Earth Tremors – NASRDA

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) has stated that the tremor that occurred in Kaduna state might be attributed to stress released from fault system in the area, as a result of resettlement of rock under the environment.

Speaking during a press briefing, the Director General of NASRDA, Prof Saidu Mohammed, explained that the environment was sitting on a new rock which caused the fracture of the wall as the rock keeps settling down, adding that though the tremor that occur was minor, it has a potential of constituting a major one.

Saidu added that the occurring incidence did not only change the age-long perception as whether Nigeria is seismically active, it has paved a way for a new thinking and new focus on occurrence of earth tremor in Nigeria, with obvious prospects of witnessing more in the future.

He stated that more of the tremor might occur in the future and stressed the need for an integrated geological remote sensing and geophysical studies to be carried out to properly delineate the fault systems in the area.

The DG however, called for the establishment of additional seismological stations close to the area to monitor the occurrences of similar events in the future, adding that there was also need for the establishment of Global Navigation Satellite Systems, (GNSS)monitoring stations to monitor crustal movements in the area.


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