How To Keep Lipstick Stain Off Your Teeth


It is extremely embarrassing when you decide to flaunt that gorgeous smile of yours, only to notice the people in front of you react oddly. It is easy to get lipstick on the teeth and this happens unconsciously which is embarrassing especially when someone points it out to you loud. Here are few tricks to keep lipstick off your teeth.


Index finger trick: While this may seem like an odd way of preventing lipstick from getting to your teeth, it’s super effective. Place your index finger inside your mouth and slowly pull it out, while your lips are puckered up. You will be surprised how much lipstick it removed from the inner part of your lips.Keep-Lipstick-Off-Your-Teeth

lipsDon’t bit your lips: This is so unladylike, not only is it extremely unattractive, but biting your lip will only lead to smudging which can land some lipstick on your teeth.

Lip brush: Iinvesting in a lip brush means that you can control the amount of lipstick, and apply  it evenly on your lips. Therefore, you will be able stay away from the inner part of your lips as you put on your lipstick.

transfer-proof-lipsticksTissue paper: This happens to be the  oldest trick in the book and is super effective! Place a tissue paper between your lips and slowly press down, focusing on the inner part of your lips. This will remove any excess smudginess and keep lipstick off your teeth.

Red lips and fingernailsStraw: Drinking can transfer some colour to your teeth, avoid the lipstick from getting to your teeth by using a straw to sip your drink.

staff_picks_image_Article_Main-How_to_Pull_Off_Red_Lipstick_PerfectlyUse mattelipstick: Matte lipstick rarely leads to lipstick stains on your teeth, since it does not have a glossy and smudgy effect to it. Go for a matte lipstick or transform your glossy lipstick into matte.

beautiful-young-lady-at-mirror-admires-reflexion-in-the-bedroomCheck: Always check your lipstick once you are out, be sure to visit to the ladies room for a little make-up touch up and of course, check if there are any lipstick stains on your teeth.


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