Know Your History! See The First Generation Of The Nigerian Army Officers


The very first officers of the Nigerian Army, June 1959

From Left to Right sitting:
Captain Adeyinka Adebayo,Captain Philip Effiong,Captain Imo,Major Samuel Adesoji Ademulegun,Major Wellington Bassey,General Forster, Major JTU Ironsi,Major Ralph Shodeinde,Captain Zakaria Maimalari, Captain Conrad Nwawo, Captain David Ejoor.

Middle Row standing:
Lt Igboba,Lt George Kurubo, (non Nigerian standing next to Kurubo), Lt J Akaga,Lt Patrick Anwunah, Lt Louis Ogbonnia, Lt Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Lt Eyo Ekpo, Lt Arthur Unegbe, Lt Abogo Largema

Back Row:
Lt Hilary Njoku, 2nd Lt Nzefili, 2nd Lt Ogunenwe, 2nd Lt Shadrak, Lt Madiebo, 2nd Lt Anthony Eze, Lt Yakubu Gowon, 2nd Lt Sylvanus Nwanjei, Lt Yakubu Pam, 2nd Lt Hassan Katsina.
Those not in the picture are Captain Kur Mohammed, Lt Victor Banjo and Lt Michael Okwechime

Two future Nigerian heads of state are here and many of these men would later fight each other in the civil war.

Colonel Ojukwu who led the secession of Biafra is in the photo as well as Phillip Effiong who surrendered Biafra

Many of the first and second row of officers were killed In a military coup in 1966.

Only 4 of these men are alive today

source: Gistmania

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